Master of Science programme in Information Technology

Short Information

Tution is Free for EU Citizens (744€ per Semester for none EU Citizens)
Completed Bachelor's degree from a university of applied sciences or the completion of equivalent studies at a recognised Austrian or foreign institution of post-secondary education
4 semesters
120 including 12 ECTS free elective subjects
English (for the MSc. programme)
MSc. - Master of Science / in German: DI (Diplom Ingenieur)

Information Technology at the Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt

International students are a most welcome addition in many ways, socially, scientifically as well as culturally. The present programme is an international Master's programme and is currently completed by students from more than six countries. Our institute offers an excellent student-teacher ratio and all courses are held in English.

Following list presents the specialization possibilities:

  • Mobile and Wireless Systems
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Media Engineering
  • Embedded Systems and Signal Processing
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Control and Measurement Systems
Furthermore, the Master curriculum offers three different tracks:
  • The "Research Track"where a project is carried out by a research group of the university.
  • The "Industrial Track" where a 3-6 months internship within a relevant industrial company is done
  • The "Entrepreneurship Track" where business administration and entrepreneurship skills are learned.

More Information

For more detailed information about studying in Austria please read the following PDF file: Studying_in_Austria_Web_feb2011.pdf

For more detailed information about Information technology at the University Klagenfurt please read the following PDF file: infotech.pdf

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