Residence in Austria

Following information is taken from Studying_in_Austria_Web_feb2011.pdf.

General Information

The following laws are applicable to residence in Austria:
  • Aliens' Police Act 2005 (FPG)
  • Settlement and Residence Act 2005 (NAG)

Students from states of the European Economic Area (EEA) and from Switzerland are permitted to enter and study in Austria with a valid travel document without any further visa. Also, a valid identification card is sufficient. Anyone wishing to stay in Austria for more than three months must register with the authority in charge (magistrate, municipal office) to obtain an attestation of registration.

The following documents are needed:
  • Passport or ID card
  • Evidence of an adequate health insurance (e.g., European health insurance card) or students' self-insurance. Evidence of sufficient financial means.
  • Admission confirmation of the educational institution

This registration has to be carried out in addition to the registration at the magistrate or municipal office. to enter and reside in Austria, students from third states need a student permit of residence.

First Application

What do you need?

  • Completed and signed application form for residence permit
  • Current photograph
  • Valid passport (copies of all pages with entries and stamps)
  • Birth certificate (copy)
  • Admission confirmation of the university or university of applied sciences or other educational institution
  • Certificate of good conduct from the police, not older than six months
  • Information on how you will finance your stay: proof of financial resources pursuant to section 293 ASVg (general Social Insurance Act, as of 2007 - annual adjustment to index): students under the age of 24 without relatives must provide proof of EuR 412.54 per month for 12 months in advance. Students over the age of 24 without relatives must provide evidence of EuR 747 per month for 12 months in advance.

Documents that are not issued in the german language must be submitted in certified german translations.

How to submit the application?

In principle, the application for residence permit must be submitted abroad before entering Austria at the Austrian representation in charge (embassy, consulate - no honorary consulate, no cultural institute). The documents are reviewed there and then the residence permit is entered into the student's travel document. As a rule, the residence permit is restricted to one semester. Students who are US or Japanese citizens as well as students at universities who receive their admission confirmation directly and who are not allowed to enter Austria without a visa, may apply for and obtain their student permit of residence also in Austria at the aliens' police office in charge following their visa-free entry.